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Advice from Wholesalers on Creating the Perfect Vacation Package for Your Clients
By David Cogswell

How do you build the perfect vacation package? Listen to your clients, then make a judgment based on your knowledge of the wholesalers that can best provide the most appropriate package for your clients’ needs.


Marilyn Downing Staff, founder and president of Asia Transpacific Journeys, says that listening is a subtle skill. “We find that we are able to create that ‘the perfect trip’ by listening carefully to what the passenger is seeking,” says Staff. “The most perfect trip is personalized carefully to the traveler. My perfect trip and theirs can be two very different things. We listen carefully and dig deep into their hopes, dreams and requirements for a trip, and build one that works to satisfy their desires.”

Adds Tom Armstrong, Tauck corporate communications manager, “To sell the perfect vacation, agents need to really listen to their clients because everyone’s definition of ‘perfect’ is different — and what makes a vacation perfect may not even be 100 percent clear to the clients themselves. For example, a traditional ocean cruise client could be an ideal candidate for a European river cruise, but they might not be aware of river cruises as an option.

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Source: Agent@Home Magazine - March 2014 / © 2014 travAlliancemedia