The 2007 Host Agency List

Big and small. Local, regional or nationwide. Here's our annual listing of host agencies, based on a survey we updated last month. Please note that there are more host agencies in the market; what follows represents those agencies that returned our survey by the deadline and that had roughly 10 or more outside agents. For additional host agencies, please see our April 2006 issue, or visit the Outside Sales Support Network's website at or the National Association of Commissioned Travel Agents' website at

In addition to such basic information as agency name, address, telephone numbers and website, we also asked for the number of independent contractors (ICs), annual sales volume, consortia or marketing group affiliations, association membership, GDS, commission structure, fees and travel sales niche. We also asked about the marketing, technology and training support provided, as well as any insurance coverage offered. If an agency did not provide an answer in any particular category, we deleted the category within the entry. Please note that the information below is provided by the agencies themselves.

Adventure Travel, Inc.
Address: 10909 Portland Ave., Tacoma, Wash. 98445
Tel.: 800-274-4567, 253-531-1757
Independent Contractors: 9
Sales: $5 million-plus
Consortia: Results Travel, Riverside Travel
Associations: ASTA, ARTA
GDS: Amadeus
Commission: 60-70 percent
Fees: $20 for Amadeus Vista
Marketing: Up to 50 percent for approved programs
Technology: Amadeus Vista
Training: In-house Amadeus Vista training

Address: Amadeus North America, Inc., 9250 NW 36th St., Miami, Fla. 33178
Tel.: 800-514-9649, 800-514-9649
GDS: Amadeus
Commission: Up to 100 percent
Fees: Starting from $39.95 per month
Marketing: All Agenta agencies enjoy the benefit of's Engagement program along with all the other benefits and marketing programs. Consumer booking engine available from just $10 per month.
Technology: Agenta offers the latest technology from Amadeus, all browser-based with agent's choice of web-based, graphical cryptic platform. For technical and functional assistance, Agenta offers telephone, chat and email support.
Training: Orientation training provided via a Host & Fulfillment Center as well as user and system training through Amadeus e-University (online training and WebEx training).
Insurance: Each Agenta subscriber or user needs to maintain travel agents/tour operators professional liability insurance (E&O) for bookings made through the Host & Fulfillment Center.

America's Vacation Center (AVC)/American Express
Address: 520 W. Valley Pkwy., Suite A, Escondido, Calif. 92025
Tel.: 866-520-2133
Independent Contractors: Hundreds
Sales: $200 million-plus
Consortia: American Express
Commission: AVC's ICs earn 80 percent on their own customers and 30 percent on America's Vacation Center customers.
Fees: $495 startup fees for the Platinum program, $99 startup fees for the Gold program (startup fees includes all training opportunities through AVC). Monthly fees are waived if an agent earns more than $1,000 gross monthly or more for the Platinum program, or $500 gross monthly or more for the Gold program. Monthly fees are $49 for the Platinum program and $19 for the Gold program.
Sales Niche: Cruises and vacation packages
Marketing: Offers free access to the Live Leads program, in which inbound customer phone calls and web requests are transferred directly to affiliated ICs. AVC also offers a Business Development Center, which helps ICs grow their business from a marketing and public relations perspective.
Technology: Offers free access to AVC's proprietary software, Agent Power 5.0, which gives independently owned and operated affiliates access to an unparalleled integrated CRM, air, car, hotel, package and cruise booking engine; commission tracking; calendar; email; Enterprise instant messaging system; custom website; My AVC Buddy; and dozens of additional integrated features to help ICs run their business.
Training: America's Vacation Center University is headed by AVC's own university professor, and includes the following educational programs: AVC Summits, AVC Roundtables, sales coaching, business development coaching, My AVC Mentor, continued education, private fams and more.
Insurance: $5 million E&O insurance. An industry first, AVC provides its ICs with access to affordable health insurance in all 50 states through AVC Protect.
Support: AVC's ICs have live support 24/7. In addition, AVC has more than 60 support staff to assist its IC network.

Andavo Travel, Inc.
Address: 5680 Greenwood Plaza Blvd., Suite 300, Denver, Colo. 80111
Tel.: 303-689-7718, 800-685-0038 ext. 7718
Independent Contractors: 40-plus
Sales: $100 million
Consortia: Virtuoso, affiliate of BCD Travel
GDS: Apollo
Commission: Up to 100 percent
Fees: Based on agent experience level and training needs
Marketing: Substantial in-house marketing offers and Virtuoso marketing programs
Technology: In-house training staff handles all technical support questions.
Training: In-house training staff is available to assist. Weekly and yearly functions keep agents involved and knowledgeable about Virtuoso and the vendors. Agents have 24/7 access to members-only website, which contains anything and everything agents would need to run their business.
Insurance: Berkely E&O insurance

Atlas Tour & Travel, LLC
Address: 6465 Oakland Dr., New Orleans, La. 70118
Tel.: 504-483-0607
Independent Contractors: 300-plus
Sales: $15 million
GDS: Sabre
Commission: Up to 80 percent
Fees: No fees are charged to ICs.
Sales Niche: Cruises, tours
Marketing: Provides help with co-op marketing, marketing materials showing specials, and help with email and newsletters for clients.
Training: Offers different types of training opportunities, including online training, self-paced training, videos, training books and an annual training seminar held in different locations across the United States.
Insurance: Agents must purchase their E&O insurance through Atlas at a cost of $125 for the first year and $100 per year thereafter.

Cain Travel
Address: 3004 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, Colo. 80303
Tel.: 303-443-2246 or 800-346-4747
Independent Contractors: 40
Sales: $67,450,000
Consortia:, Thor24
Associations: IATA, ARC, CLIA
GDS: Apollo
Commission: Up to 90 percent 
Fees: No annual fees, $100 one-time startup fee, minimal monthly fees for software package, marketing co-op dollars. Several minimal-fee elective options are available for marketing programs, customized website, additional software/booking products, etc. Incentives for bonus commissions and elimination of monthly costs based on production.
Marketing: Elective programs. Vendor marketing co-op funds are extended to ICs.
Technology: Apollo GDS, ClientEase CRM package and web-booking interface, online reporting access for agent as well as corporate clients, customized web portal for agents' corporate clients, commission tracking programs and automatic updates, and unused e-ticket tracking.
Training: Regular training for various software programs, spring and fall network training events, individual vendor training seminars upon request or as needed. Consortia training events are extended to IC network. There are also fam and other incentives, as well as various opportunities for outside training.

Casino World Travel
Address: 7291 Bobby Lane, Cincinnati, Ohio 45243
Tel.: 513-563-6608, 800-563-6608
Independent Contractors: 50
Sales: $5 million
Consortia: None
Associations: CLIA, IATAN, NACTA
Commission: 75 percent of earned commissions
Fees: No enrollment fees, no hidden monthly or annual charges, and no production quotas. Outside agents work from their home or office, full- or part-time.
Sales Niche: Mexico, the Caribbean, California, Florida, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Reno/Lake Tahoe, Cruises, Europe and all worldwide destinations
Technology: Agents have online booking capability, technical support and training, and cutting-edge web-based technology featuring real-time travel information.
Training: Agents receive a Travel Agent Handbook. They participate in training courses, tradeshows and seminars, and receive liberal travel opportunities (fam trips) at minimal cost.
Insurance: $1 million E&O insurance coverage at no cost to agents

Christian Travel Finder
Address: 1250 Pacific Coast Highway, Suite C, Seal Beach, Calif. 90740
Tel.: 562-493-8910, 888-518-7571
Independent Contractors: 40
Sales: $3,000,000-plus
Consortia: Jurni Network
Associations: ASTA, OSSN, CLIA, World Religious Travel Association (WRTA)
Commission: 70 percent on generated bookings, 50 percent on provided leads
Sales Niche: Christian cruises and tours
Marketing: Provides customized collateral, sales leads, tradeshow opportunities, optional customized website.
Technology: Offers optional toll-free phone extension for the office, email address, and website.
Training: Makes available product, sales and technology training.

Classic World Travel-American Express
Address: 200 Commerce Dr., Peachtree City, Ga. 30269
Tel.: 770-487-9529, 800-777-9529
Independent Contractors: 80
Sales: $12 million
Consortia: American Express
GDS: Worldspan
Commission: 80 percent on cruises, tours, cars, hotels, other leisure; 100 percent on air
Fees: Each agent is given his or her own Subscriber ID (SID) in Worldspan. There is a $6 per ticket ticketing fee. Service fees are returned at 100 percent, minus the ARC processing fee. Monthly fees for high volume can be negotiated. Optional services offered for minimal fees.
Technology: Agency has a strong relationship with Worldspan and tests much of the new technology. Agency offers training and support for the Worldspan product. In-house Worldspan script writing for automation of systems. Access to Tripmanager (online corporate management tool) available. Travcom is used as the accounting system and access to ClientMajic will be available for subscribing agents later this year. Ibank reporting systems are also available. Web hosting and management programs are coming soon.
Training: Vendor training available regularly via WebEx, online classes or onsite visits
Insurance: E&O through Berkely, but does not extend to agents

Coral Sands Travel
America's Host Agency
Address: 1526 Riverbend Dr., LaBelle, Fla. 33935
Tel.: 863-675-9900, 866-481-4678
Independent Contractors: 410
Commission: 80 percent, 90 percent and 100 percent programs
Fees: Starting fee of $295 and annual renewal fee of $150. There are no other monthly, transaction or hidden fees.
Sales Niche: Cruises, tours, destinations
Marketing: All agents have access to's Engagement marketing program. Technology: Agents are kept abreast of new technology through agent-only website, newsletter and email.
Training: Works with new agents to insure they get the proper training. Agents also have access to affiliation's training programs. Agent-only website and newsletter are loaded with training and selling ideas.

Corporate Travel USA
The Travel Center USA
Address: 1102 N. Brand Blvd., #50, Glendale, Calif. 91202
Tel.: 818-241-6746, 800-870-9345
Independent Contractors: 125-plus
Sales: $3.7 million
Consortia: TravelSavers,
GDS: Galileo
Commission: 50 percent if agency does the work (referral), 75 percent if agent does the work. If agent books $150 in retail sales, commission reverts to 80 percent.
Fees: Initial setup fee for experienced agents is $195 plus CLIA or IATAN charges of $30, reference guide is $50, training materials are $45, E&O is $80.
Sales Niche: Cruises, Hawaii, Las Vegas, Mexico, Caribbean, Western Europe
Marketing: Provides monthly mailings from consortium, weekly email blasts and fax blasts, daily flyers for groups, co-op ads from vendors, monthly marketing meetings, special customer appreciation cruises.
Technology: Offers GDS Viewpoint, personal website, IATS credit card processing, Travel Ease accounting, own web page.
Training: Includes industry reference guide publication, monthly training, WebEx training from major vendors and one-on-one training for all levels of experience. Annual conference held for all agents in California and in New York, plus annual training sessions, and CLIA and Travel Institute ongoing training.
Insurance: E&O insurance for $1 million

Cruise & Travel Quest
Address: 817 Lexington Dr., Aliquippa, Pa. 15001
Tel.: 724-203-0782, 866-495-1001
Independent Contractors: 10
Sales: $800,000
Consortia: Results Travel Group
Associations: NACTA, CLIA
Commission: Varies according to experience and education level
Sales Niche: Upscale cruises, groups, small-ship cruising
Marketing: Co-op marketing dollars as available
Insurance: All agents must carry E&O insurance at the prevailing rate under our umbrella or individually.
Address: 950 Wellington Ave., Cranston, R.I. 02910
Tel.: 401-941-3999, 800-827-7779
Independent Contractors: 200-plus
Sales: Under $100 million
Consortia: Ensemble
Associations: ASTA, CLIA
GDS: Sabre, Amadeus
Commission: Up to 80 percent
Fees: $299
Sales Niche: Cruises
Marketing: Provides business cards, special email address, personalized website, and toll-free customer service number (customer service available seven days per week).
Technology: The latest prices, specials deals and any cruises ICs plan to escort will be seamlessly integrated onto the agent's personal website.
Training: Weekly meetings, invitations to fam trips, seminars and upgrades when traveling to hotels or on cruises
Insurance: Open to negotiation

Cruise Planners, LLC
Address: 3300 University Dr., Suite #602, Coral Springs, Fla. 33065
Tel.: 954-344-8060, 800-683-0206
Independent Contractors: 650 (franchisees)
Sales: $100 million
Consortia: American Express
Associations: ASTA, CLIA, NACTA
GDS: Amadeus
Commission: Agency takes 3 percent on gross commissionable sales, plus it offers incentive program for top producers.
Fees: No annual fee, certain criteria apply.
Sales Niche: Cruises, tours
Marketing: Includes web program, direct-mail program, collateral materials, phone-lead generation program, and biannual magazine (personalized)
Training: Annual convention, four to six seminars at sea per year, initial training, web chats (two per month), and dedicated Business Development & Training Team
Insurance: E&O insurance

Cruises & Tours by Brennco
Address: 6600 College Blvd., Suite 130, Overland Park, Kans. 66211
Tel.: 913-660-0121, 800-955-1909
Independent Contractors: 40
Associations: NACTA, IATAN
GDS: Sabre, Amadeus
Commission: 50 percent on leads supplied by agency; split on personal business varies by volume
Sales Niche: Military, federal employees, interline
Marketing: Leads are provided at no charge to agents. Personalized emails and direct mailing are handled for agents at no charge.
Technology: Agent-only extranet site, WinCruise, PC-Cruiser, AgentNet
Training: All agents receive free copy of sales and marketing manual and product knowledge manual. Ongoing training is provided through extranet site. Quarterly seminars at sea are available. For newer agents there is a mentoring program teaming them with more experienced agents.
Insurance: E&O coverage is available for $100 per year.

Cruise Value Center
Address: 6 Edgeboro Road, East Brunswick, N.J. 08816
Tel.: 732-257-2626, 800-231-7447
Independent Contractors: 175-200
Sales: $75 million
Consortia: Ensemble
Associations: CLIA, ASTA, IATAN
GDS: Sabre
Commission: Up to 90 percent
Fees: There are no startup fees at this time.
Sales Niche: Cruises, land tour packages
Marketing: Includes national advertising in trade magazines and newspapers, trade shows, presentations, and collateral material.
Technology: WinCruise, Power Agent
Training: Seminars at sea, telephone conferencing, in-house workshops, and vendor workshops
Insurance: E&O insurance

CTP/Rennert Travel
Address: 7550 IH 10 West, Suite 1300, San Antonio, Texas 78229
Tel.: 210-366-9565, 800-523-9036
Independent Contractors: 68
Sales: $100 million
Consortia: Carlson Wagonlit Travel
GDS: Sabre
Commission: 70 percent split on commission with no monthly fees; 100 percent with monthly flat fee of $299
Marketing: Dedicated staff, monthly newsletters, daily communications
Technology: Dedicated staff, ARC reporting
Training: Dedicated staff, familiarizations, seminars at sea, sales training

Design Travel
Address: 2168 Lake Shore Circle, Arlington Heights, Ill. 60004
Tel.: 847-577-7930, 800-773-7930
Independent Contractors: 45
Sales: $5.5 million
Consortia: MAST
Associations: Midwest NACTA, ASTA, CTO, PATA, APTA
GDS: Apollo, Sabre
Commission: 75 percent or 95 percent
Fees: $100 per month Alliance Fee
Marketing: MAST marketing pieces, website links, graphic design department
Technology: Dedicated department
Training: Help on a need-to-know basis 24/7 and a structured ongoing mentoring program
Insurance: E&O insurance
Dugan's Travels
Address: 132 Rover Blvd., Los Alamos, N.M. 87544
Tel.: 505-672-0777
Independent Contractors: 600
Sales: $7.5 million
Associations: OSSN, NACTA, IATA, CLIA
GDS: Sabre
Commission: 75 percent; 80 percent after three years
Fees: $10 a month if sales are under $3,000
Marketing: Provides marketing support as well as marketing from various suppliers.
Training: Includes full training, access to seminars with suppliers, seminars at sea
Insurance: E&O through Gulf Writers

Faison Cruise & Travel
Address: 3411 Brookhaven Dr., Montgomery, Texas 77356
Tel.: 936-448-1822
Independent Contractors: 17
Sales: $1 million
Associations: OSSN
Commission: 50 percent
Sales Niche: Group, high end
Marketing: Flyers, ads, promotion nights
Technology: Travel sales billing
Training: Quarterly training classes with supplier DSMs

Global Travel International
Address: 2600 Lake Lucien Dr., Suite 201, Maitland, Fla. 32751
Tel.: 407-660-7800, 800-716-4440
Independent Contractors: 37,000
Sales: $125 million
Associations: IATA, ARC, OSSN, ARTA, BBB
GDS: Galileo and Amadeus
Commission: Up to 90 percent
Fees: Several payment options exist, from $29.95 per month to an annual fee of $299, plus any additional services that agents choose, including advanced training, sales aids, benefit plans, marketing and materials.
Marketing: Includes email marketing campaigns, CRM, postcards, business cards, flyers, newsletters and press release templates.
Technology: ResMax (custom consumer-facing website and booking engine), Revelex, ClientBase Plus
Training: GTI University provides agents with web-based basic training, workshops and seminars throughout the country; supplier-hosted teleconferences; Global Tutor one-on-one counseling program; CruiseCollege seminars at sea; ship inspections; fam participation; and Travelpalooza, GTI's annual agent conference.
Insurance: Blanket policy and individual coverage is available.

GTM Travel Group
Address: 100 Executive Way, Suite 202, Ponte Vedra, Fla. 32082
Tel.: 904-285-4600, 866-285-7100
Independent Contractors: 265
Consortia: IT Group
Commission: 80 percent of total commission, including overrides and bonus
Fees: $175 initiation fee. No monthly fees, no booking fees; annual fees are waived when agent commission compensation is greater than $5,000 annualized.
Sales Niche: Vacation packages, cruises, and extensive group sales and support
Marketing: Free marketing programs and collateral materials are provided weekly, monthly and quarterly. Negotiated supplier promotions and value-added promotions available in conjunction with preferred supplier agreements; group/block space programs.
Technology: Agent-only Extranet, Amadeus Cruise, ClientBase Plus (all provided at no extra cost)
Training: Supplier seminars via voice and video conferencing are customized for GTM independents. Also available are seminars at sea and full access to supplier fams, conferences and events. The Extranet facilitates ongoing supplier training.
Insurance: $1 million E&O coverage includes ICs.

Hara Group-Travel and Event Planners
Address: 1841 Koehling Rd., Northbrook, Ill. 60062
Tel.: 847-910-2397, 866-313-0100
Independent Contractors: 15
Sales: $1 million
GDS: Amadeus
Commission: Up to 90 percent; no startup or annual fees
Sales Niches: Honeymoons, destination weddings, cruises, leisure vacations, all-inclusives
Marketing: Brochures, flyers, discount coupons, advertising
Technology: VAX VacationAccess
Training: Ongoing training by telephone and WebEx
Insurance: E&O insurance
Address: 1901 Northwest Highway, Suite 104, Garland, Texas 75041
Tel.: 972-836-0006, 800-299-6136
Independent Contractors: 70
Sales: $15 million
Consortia: Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Associations: ASTA, NACTA, OSSN
GDS: Sabre, Worldspan
Commission: Varies from 70 to 100 percent; most agents use 80 percent plan.
Fees: $100 startup and $25 per month
Sales Niche: Adoption travel
Marketing: Websites, email newsletters and mailing co-op
Training: Includes vendor product seminars, agent seminars, retreats and fam trips, host agency support for technology use.
Insurance: E&O insurance

Incentive Connection Travel
Address: 13029 N. Cave Creek Rd., Phoenix, Ariz. 85022
Tel.: 602-867-9606
Independent Contractors: 1,000
Sales: $100 million
Consortia: Ensemble
GDS: Sabre, Amadeus, Apollo/Galileo
Commission: 70 percent minimum, 80 percent maximum
Fees: None
Sales Niche: Meeting planners, incentive houses, corporate, leisure
Marketing: Two free websites, Ensemble Select Traveler Amenities Program and Agent Port are all available at no cost to agents.
Technology: Agent Access and TRAMS ClientBase Plus are available at no cost to agent. Revelex is available for a cost.
Training: Includes annual convention, exclusive seminars at sea, fam trips and WebEx training.
Insurance: $1 million E&O insurance

International Tours of Houston
Address: 6363 Richmond Ave., Suite 200, Houston, Texas 77057-5914
Tel.: 713-785-2682, 800-777-1986
Independent Contractors: 75
Consortia: Results Travel
GDS: Amadeus Vista
Commission: 70 percent; $10 per airline ticket
Fees: $100 to join program; no monthly fee or monthly sales quotas. Full Amadeus reservation GDS is $25 per month. No charge for Amadeus Cruise.
Sales Niche: HOST ticketing agreements for corporate ICs; specialization in working with and training new entrepreneurs to establish their agency from home or retail location.
Marketing: Includes co-op advertising with select preferred vendors; personalized email marketing programs; Results Travel marketing programs; IC websites with major vendor booking engines, in which sales and commissions accrue to the IC.
Technology: Amadeus Cruise and Vista, TRAMS accounting, Client Base Plus
Training: The training division of IT Travel Group, International Travel Institute (ITI), is a licensed travel training school of The Travel Institute, based in Wellesley, Mass., and an ASTA travel school member. IT conducts classroom travel training for the TRIP (Travel Introductory Program) courses, Amadeus Vista and the VAX booking system. ITI is an approved testing site for the TAP (Travel Agency Proficiency) test.
Insurance: E&O insurance is extended to ICs at a reduced premium.

Joystar, Inc.
Address: 95 Argonaut, First Floor, Aliso Viejo, Calif. 92656
Tel.: 949-837-8101, 866-462-STAR (7827)
Independent Contractors: 3,000-plus
Sales: $100 million
Consortia: Hickory
Associations: ASTA, CLIA, IATAN, NACTA
GDS: Amadeus, Sabre
Commission: 80 to 100 percent, plus stock-option plan. Agents can receive 100 percent of their commissions (as high as 17 percent) for only $99.95 per month; for agents just starting, Joystar offers 70 percent commission for $25.95 per month.
Marketing: Free email marketing system, direct mail, weekly top 10 cruise deals, consumer newsletters
Technology: Revelex-powered private-label website,; ClientBase Plus; Passport Online E-Marketing
Training: Includes reimbursement program on all CLIA, ASTA and Travel Institute training; free training at University of Joystar; and Community Bulletin Board for members to share ideas.
Insurance: E&O insurance is included at no cost.

Address: 45 S. Park Blvd., Suite 175, Glen Ellyn, Ill. 60137
Tel.: 800-360-6207, 630-858-1840
Independent Contractors: 150
Sales: $40 Million
Associations: ARC, IATAN, CLIA
GDS: Galileo, Sabre, Amadeus Vista, Worldspan
Commission: 100 percent of commissions, fees and markups are returned to affiliates.
Fees: $300 one-time setup fee with an invoice processing fee that ranges from $3 to $10, depending on volume; $50 monthly fee that is waived if more than 25 invoices per month are run. Invoices can include multiple passengers and multiple bookings.
Marketing: Through, affiliates have access to Engagement and website design. Newest product, YOU! The Brand, is available to Magellan360 affiliates at a deeply discounted price. It includes a personal domain name, professional email service, blog, and podcast to promote the affiliate's brand as a travel professional to existing and prospective clients.
Technology: TRAMS, ClientBase Plus, Magellan Affiliate Forums, YOU! The Brand, and Magellan Market Manager featuring Imagic. Staffers are available for troubleshooting during business hours and can be reached 24/7 in emergencies. Affiliates are paid using electronic funds transfers to move commissions quickly into bank accounts. Large-volume producers can receive weekly payments and monthly reconciliations.
Training: Offers weekly webinar breaks to learn about new products that bring together suppliers and Magellan360 affiliates to focus on latest training. Magellan360 works best for veteran travel professionals, those operating their own hosting business, and new entrants with a solid business plan who desire business coaching to achieve their goals.
Insurance: Full complement of business insurance coverage. Affiliates are encouraged to consult with their business insurance advisor and select coverage that best serves them and their business structure.

Modern Travel Services, Inc.
Address: P.O. Box 831, Germantown, Wis. 53022
Tel.: 262-250-7337, 877-257-7337
Independent Contractors: 75
Sales: $5 million-plus
Associations: CLIA, IATAN, ARC
GDS: Amadeus, currently negotiating with a second GDS
Commission: 80 percent or up to 100 percent for experienced agents
Fees: No sign-up fee; $165 primary agent yearly renewal, plus $110 each additional agent; $15 per person transaction fee on airline/rail tickets (split 50/50 with agents subscribing to Amadeus)
Marketing: Marketing ideas, vendor co-op, direct-mail program
Technology: Includes website creation, Amadeus support, VAX VacationAccess support and miscellaneous PC support
Training: New ICs go through three days of onsite training. Experienced agents are provided with optional training via phone, email and web-based sessions if they want it.
Insurance: E&O insurance

Montrose Travel
Address: 2349 Honolulu Ave., Montrose, Calif. 91020
Tel.: 800-870-5799
Websites: (main agency site), (home-based agent program)
Independent Contractors: 170
Sales: $110 million
Consortia: Ensemble Travel
GDS: Apollo
Commission: Up to 70 percent
Fees: $299 per year for inexperienced agents or $399 per year for experienced agents; $100 per year for subagents. Optional: Apollo is $15 per month.
Sales Niche: Corporate, leisure/cruise, groups/meetings/incentives, honeymoon/anniversary
Marketing: Access to turnkey e-marketing and direct-mail programs, Passport Online e-marketing tools (no extra cost), and group leads. We also provide suggestions and feedback on any marketing efforts based on our experience.
Technology: Offers professionally developed and maintained private-label website with online booking engine (cruise, air, car, hotel) and branding; dynamic packaging tool to build custom air, car and hotel packages; honeymoon registry; exclusive agent website; GDS access (optional); Cornerstone QC; Weissmann's Travel Reports; Intelliguide Pro; Passport Online e-marketing tools; iBank for corporate accounts; library of standard reports to track your business.
Training: Includes extensive online library of training content and links; teleconferences with business-building ideas; group travel and supplier updates; and fams.
Insurance: $1 million E&O coverage (no extra cost)

MSW Travel Group
Address: 291 West John St., Hicksville, N.Y. 11801
Tel.: 516-822-6500, 888-743-2929
Independent Contractors: 135
Sales: $17 million
Consortia: TravelSavers, Radius, Virtuoso
GDS: Sabre
Commission: Various
Fees: Depends on the commission structure: ticketing fees, monthly commission tracking fees, or bookkeeping fees.
Marketing: Joint marketing depending on commission split
Technology: GDS, TRAMS back office
Training: Success coach training is available to maximize agent productivity and earning potential.
Insurance: E&O insurance

Nexion, Inc.
Address: 1 East Kirkwood Blvd., Southlake, Texas 76092
Tel.: 408-280-6410, 866-639-4661
Independent Contractors: 2,100
Sales: $200 million
Consortia: Jurni
Associations: IATA, CLIA, NACTA, OSSN
GDS: Sabre, Worldspan, Amadeus, Galileo
Commission: Membership plans allow members to keep 90-100 percent of their commissions.
Fees: Initial startup fee of $199; monthly fees vary from $0 to $299, depending upon the membership plan and GDS package selected.
Marketing: Through membership in the Jurni leisure travel consortium, Nexion members' sales are supported through innovative, targeted, themed marketing campaigns and other marketing programs throughout the year.
Technology: Offers proprietary desktop software that gives members access to multiple GDS booking windows from one screen.
Training: Includes intensive "Boot Camps," regional conferences, webinars, self-paced training, online training, seminars at sea, the Nexion and Jurni annual conferences, and affiliations with other industry training programs.
Address: 8030 Phillips Highway, Suite 13, Jacksonville, Fla. 32256
Tel.: 904-739-2224, 866-208-5604
Independent Contractors: 549
Sales: $20 million
Associations: CLIA, NACTA, OSSN
Commission: Up to 90 percent
Sales Niche: Cruises, tours
Marketing: Custom marketing and business development planning; extensive online marketing support
Technology: Revelex, CRM, WinCruise
Training: Extensive online training covering product, vendor, destination, insurance, technology, marketing, groups and more
Insurance: E&O insurance

Partners in Travel
Address: 12530 World Plaza Lane #1, Ft. Myers, Fla. 33907
Tel.: 800-683-9092
Independent Contractors: 310
Sales: $11 million
Consortia: Carlson Wagonlit, All Aboard Vacations
GDS: Worldspan, but only with the interface to the "front end" booking tool EZRez.
Commission: 70, 75 or 80 percent commission split, based upon the partner's gross commissions generated. 100 percent commission option for additional monthly fee (experienced agents only).
Fees: $29 per month commission split program for experienced agents (up to two people per contract). $99 per month, 100 percent commission program for experienced agent (additional fee for multiple agents). $125 per month for "new-to-the-industry agents"; includes extensive training (up to two people per contract).
Sales Niche: Partners in Travel is part of Carlson Companies, a full-service agency. The agency's specialty is selling unique packaged cruise vacations from All Aboard Vacations.
Marketing: Dedicated marketing staff creates flyers promoting cruise packages that partners can customize with their logo and contact information to distribute to their clients. The agency also creates a blank version of the Exotic Adventures brochure so agents may put their contact information on it for clients. The Exotic Adventures brochure highlights the Carlson cruise packages and is produced three times a year. Each partner is supplied with an unlimited supply of these brochures they can distribute to clients for a nominal fee.
Technology: TravelConnect, OVS, EZRez, Intranet, free consumer website through Online Agency
Training: Partners in Travel offers extensive three-day training to individuals new to the industry. Continuing educational opportunities available for all agents via Microsoft Live Meeting, video tutorials, seminars at sea, and an annual convention for its partners.
Insurance: Refers agents to Berkely directly for E&O insurance.

Passageways Travel/Passageways Partners
Address: 116 Cass St., Traverse City, Mich. 49684
Tel.: 231-330-8631, 800-486-0355 ext. 2186
Independent Contractors: 50
Consortia: American Express
GDS: Worldspan
Commission: Negotiated, depending on experience
Fees: $299 first-year management fee/$199 yearly renewal fee
Sales Niche: Domestic/international tours, worldwide cruises, groups
Marketing: Passageways has 20 brick-and-mortar agencies with high visibility and name recognition, which is utilized by advertising. Several platinum and preferred vendors with higher commissions and supportive sales reps. ICs have ability to sell into our groups and use all marketing material.
Technology: In-house IT department
Training: Includes initial one-on-one training with coordinator on GDS and invoicing; all training that is offered to inside agents is also offered to our partners.
Insurance: E&O is available at a greatly discounted rate under agency's umbrella ($115 per year).

Personal Travel
Address: 6071 Buttontown Rd., Greenville, Ind. 47124
Tel.: 812-923-8768, 877-484-2835
Independent Contractors: 10
Sales: $1.5 million
Consortia: NEST
Associations: OSSN, CLIA
Fees: Fees are based on experience and previous year's traveled sales: new agents, 60 percent; those earning $100,000 or more per year, 80 percent; $250,000 or more per year, 100 percent, with $149 monthly fee. No startup fees or sign-up fees.
Sales Niche: Honeymoons and destination weddings
Marketing: Co-op marketing bank for new agents of 25 percent of their ad ventures for the first year, up to $500 total. This gives new agents a jump-start on their business.
Technology: Includes real-time web-based CRM tool, email editors for marketing, dedicated and updated page on website, monthly web conferencing with president to discuss common issues.
Training: Five-course program for new agents to the industry, including "Selling Travel 101" and courses on destination and product knowledge, sales and marketing, dealing with suppliers and travel insurance. Training includes home office consultation, where new agents get help getting organized and making the most of their workspace; and profit analysis at the end of the first year for new agents' business to examine ways to become more profitable. This costs $295 and is refunded to agents when they produce $20,000 in the first year. The annual participation fee is $99, also refundable when they reach $20,000 each year. Agency-sponsored fams and events for continuing education are offered.
Insurance: E&O policy of $1 million with no more than 10 agents on one policy

Robinson Travel Agency, Inc.
Address: 1174 Arbor Hill Rd., Canton, Ga. 30115
Tel.: 678-366-3220
Independent Contractors: 18
Sales: Under $1 million
Consortia: Jurni Network, NEST
Associations: OSSN, CTO, CLIA
Fees: $50 per year for E&O insurance
Sales Niche: Honeymoons, destination weddings, leisure travel
Training: Supplier meetings with independent agents, seminars, VAX VacationAccess training
Insurance: E&O insurance is provided through group policy.

Sapphire Cruises
Address: 10623 E. El Moro Ave., Mesa, Ariz. 85208
Tel.: 480-986-0089, 800-239-5574
Independent Contractors: 15
Sales: $500,000
Consortia: Jurni Network
Associations: CLIA, OSSN, ASTA
GDS: Amadeus
Commission: 60, 70 or 80 percent, depending on CLIA certification level
Fees: One-time $75 New Agent Kit fee (which includes a six-DVD set of destination videos covering 74 ports of call, agent handbook, preprinted marketing materials, custom business cards and more), and a pro-rated fee of $8.50 per month for access to our ClientEase agency software for the remainder of the calendar year. Annual renewal rate is $100.
Sales Niche: Group cruises
Marketing: Includes preprinted Sapphire Cruises group cruise brochures, postcards, cruise reservation forms and stationery. All consumer leads that come through agency website are distributed to agents based on geographic locale.
Technology: Offers general phone and email support Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Arizona Time; 24-hour emergency phone support.
Training: All agents receive a 191-page agent handbook that walks them through procedures. Representatives also are available during regular business hours to walk agents through any situations with which they need assistance. The agency encourages agents to take training available from the Jurni Network, CLIA, OSSN, familiarization trips, our suppliers and the various cruise conferences throughout the year.
Insurance: E&O insurance through Liberty Mutual

Sterling Brownell
Address: 455 East Paces Ferry Rd., NW, Suite 302, Atlanta, Ga. 30305
Tel.: 404-261-2326, 800-447-2799
Independent Contractors: 40
Sales: $60 million
Consortia: Virtuoso
Associations: ASTA, CLIA, NACTA, OSSN
GDS: Sabre, Worldspan
Commission: Varies
Fees: No monthly fees
Sales Niche: Luxury travel
Marketing: Virtuoso marketing plan, email marketing plan, web marketing plan
Technology: CRS, ClientBase Plus, email
Training: New associates get two full days of initial training in Atlanta office. Afterward, there are ongoing in-house training programs, onsite training, vendor training sessions and Virtuoso web-based training.
Insurance: Sole proprietor associates are covered under E&O insurance policy.

Sunward Adventures
Address: 14420 Elsworth St., Suite 103, Moreno Valley, Calif. 92553
Tel.: 951-697-6895, 800-786-9273
Independent Contractors: 50
Consortia: Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Associations: ARC, IATAN, CLIA
GDS: Apollo, Sabre
Commission: 70 percent, including overrides
Fees: $250 annual fee, $22 per month for Apollo Focalpoint, net $5-$7 per ticket issued
Marketing: Email specials
Technology: Support is provided by staff.
Training: There is online training for most programs; specialized training can be set up and scheduled.
Insurance: E&O insurance

Ticket to Travel
Address: 5453 Silver Vista Way, San Jose, Calif. 95138
Tel.: 408-531-9228
Independent Contractors: 50
Sales: $3 million
Commission: 75 percent on individual bookings and 80 percent on groups, paid no later than 15 days of receipt from supplier. Commissions are paid twice a month. Commission is calculated on all overrides and bonuses.
Fees: No startup fees; $15 per month for TRAMS ClientBase and database management program.
Sales Niche: Cruises, tours, honeymoons, incentive travel
Marketing: Includes email marketing pieces, four-color mailers, Intelliguide Pro, Passport Online e-marketing tools and Star Service Online for hotel reviews.
Training: Offers weekly WebEx and online training on database management program. Preferred supplier in-house training sessions. New agent orientation, IATAN/TSI Agency ID available once qualified, "Ticket to Travel Complete Home-Based Agent Handbook." Personal support, mentoring and assistance from travel industry author and speaker, Anita Pagliasso, president of Ticket to Travel. Invitations to industry promotions, tradeshows, conferences, seminars and fam opportunities, networking meetings and marketing retreats. Daily distribution of supplier updates, and agent-to-agent support. Weekly ARTA, OSSN and other travel industry email updates. Referral of Ticket to Travel overflow business (once qualified).
Insurance: There is an umbrella policy for E&O insurance for a minimal annual fee.

Travel Agent Pros
Address: 10145 Pacific Heights Blvd., Suite 1010, San Diego, Calif. 92121
Tel.: 619-574-6314, 800-576-4662
Independent Contractors: 60
Consortia: Signature Travel Network
Commission: 70-85 percent
Fees: No startup fees
Sales Niche: Cruises, packaged vacations
Marketing: Offers full access to all agency resources, including direct-mail pieces, custom magazines, email blasts and some co-op, based on sales.
Technology: Includes Amadeus Cruise, access to all vendor sites, dedicated agent via toll-free number, and email.

Travel Counsellors LLC
Address: 801 International Parkway, 5th Floor, Lake Mary, Fla. 32746 (U.S. headquarters)
Tel.: 866-269-0507
Independent Contractors: 720
Sales: $345,000,000
Associations: NACTA, OSSN, CLIA
GDS: Galileo, Amadeus Cruise
Commission: 60 percent
Fees: The sign-up fee is $495, which is waived for those with a CTC and an MCC. In addition there is a $75 monthly administration fee.
Marketing: Provides a Client Management System that allows agents to build their own e-marketing capability; a direct marketing program promoting a wide variety of products around the globe; a personal consumer website; and an online catalog of promotional and marketing materials.
Technology: In addition to GDS access, Travel Counsellors provides every TC with a fully loaded laptop complete with their GDS needs and an exclusive Intranet set that allows agents to keep track of all their sales and commissions; access and interact with fellow Counsellors; stay current with company events and new product information; access suppliers worldwide; sign up for training sessions; do research on a particular destination; and plan, execute and track their individual sales and marketing plans.
Training: Offers a program in collaboration with The Travel Institute and CLIA to allow those who do not currently have the ability, to acquire both a CTC and MCC certification. This program is fully funded by Travel Counsellors. Expansive and continuous educational travel programs are offered through interactive, online seminars with fellow Counsellors, training seminars on board partner cruise lines and training sessions in conjunction with major industry events in international destinations.

Travel Experts, Inc.
Address: 212 Sawmill Rd., Raleigh, N.C. 27615
Tel.: 919-846-2544, 800-274-2544
Independent Contractors: 93
Sales: $150 million
Consortia: Virtuoso,
GDS: Sabre
Commission: 100 percent
Fees: No up-front fee, $550 per month flat fee
Sales Niche: High-end leisure as well as corporate, group, incentive
Marketing: Includes direct mail and email marketing as well as very high-quality travel publications through Virtuoso.
Technology: Technical person on staff is available to help with all technology issues, including Sabre, email, hardware and software (at no charge to the IC).
Training: When agents join Travel Experts, they visit the agency's headquarters for one to three days of training at the agency's expense. The training is based on their needs and can be any combination of Sabre, Virtuoso, technical, procedural, etc. The agency has a support staff of 20, whose function is to assist the independents every day with any questions they may have. It offers regular training seminars as well as supplier presentations, which are broadcast live (audio and video) via WebEx.
Insurance: Professional liability insurance is available for a small annual fee.

Travel 4 Real
Address: 10121 Evergreen Way, Suite 25-592, Everett, Wash. 98204
Tel.: 425-355-3711, 800-554-5170
Independent Contractors: 10
Sales: $700,000
Associations: OSSN, IATA, IMAT
Sales Niche: Europe, honeymoons
Marketing: Travel 4 Real has partnerships with some of the web's leading niche travel websites that generate hundreds of leads per month. Supplies ICs with free customer management systems, company emails and pre-screened leads. Newsletters, national and local advertising.
Technology: Free CRM/company email, SalesForce

Travel Now, Inc.
Address: 255 South Knowles Ave. New Richmond, Wis. 54017
Tel.: 715-246-6922, 800-237-5486
Independent Contractors: 45
Sales: $8 million
Consortia: Results Travel
Associations: ASTA, CLIA
GDS: Worldspan
Commission: 80 percent
Fees: No fees
Sales Niches: Mexico, Caribbean
Training: Continued training as needed, monthly newsletter, annual meetings
Insurance: E&O insurance

Travel Planners International, Inc.
Address: 2500 Maitland Center Parkway, Suite 230, Maitland, Fla. 32751
Tel.: 800-631-3636
Independent Contractors: 1,000-plus
Sales: $80 million-plus
Consortia: (all ICs receive access to's AgentNet and the direct mail Engagement Program)
Associations: ASTA, ARC, IATAN, CLIA, NACTA, OSSN, PATH (Professional Association of Travel Hosts)
GDS: Optional Amadeus Vista-at-Home, Apollo FocalpointNet, MySabre, WorldspanGO ($99.95 setup, $20 monthly)
Commission/Hosting Plans: 75-85 percent (Expert plan), 90 percent (Pro90 plan), 100 percent (Solo100/Freedom100 plan)
Fees: Expert Plan, $29.95/month; Pro90, $39.95/month; Solo100, $99.95/month; Freedom100, $199.95/month. Consumer websites with content and booking engines (see, logo design, banner ad design, custom website design and integration are available for a nominal cost. E&O insurance can be added to any of the above hosting plans for a nominal monthly fee.
Marketing: TPI assists each IC in growing his or her business with TPI preferred suppliers using TPI's highly trained Business Development Specialists. TPI considers their BDSs an extension of the preferred supplier sales department. The TPI marketing department will create custom flyers, direct-mail pieces, co-op ads and marketing plans. They will assist with our exclusive Honeymoon Registry Program and collateral materials for tradeshows and special events that ICs are participating in. They conduct webinar training with preferred suppliers as well as teaching the agents about TPI's own products, technology and services. Additionally, ICs can participate in TPI's exclusive seminars at sea and fams with top preferred suppliers.
Technology: The TPI-AgentRC was designed to put agents in complete control of their home-based businesses, and is fully loaded with management tools and allows agents to fully transact with their customers and TPI. This robust resource tool and CRM is included with all hosting plans.
Training: TPI believes strongly in continuing education for travel agents and supports The Travel Institute. Provides conference call/webinar training with preferred suppliers to educate agents on their products and services, and conducts seminars-at-sea exclusively designed for TPI affiliates. For agents without formal travel agent training, TPI has partnered with

TripGuy Travel LLC
Address: 589 Beverly Rd., Holland, Pa. 18966
Tel.: 215-356-4889
Independent Contractors: 50-100
Consortia: NEST
Associations: CLIA, IATA, NACTA
Commission: 75 percent
Fees: $90 annual
Marketing: Offers access to all NEST offers, supplier postcards and brochure materials; one-on-one marketing training is available upon request.
Technology: Includes agent-only website section with supplier information and booking tracking
Training: Unlimited free training is available on a request basis. All supplier training sessions are also available to agents; agency limits itself to three new ICs per month so it can give each new affiliate the time needed to get started; provides access to fam trips that would not be available at a larger host.
Insurance: ICs are covered under E&O policy for free, assuming that they meet and follow specific regulations for coverage.

Trip Professionals
Address: 2400 N. Commerce Parkway, Suite 105, Weston, Fla. 33326
Tel.: 877-TRIP-PRO
Independent Contractors: 50
Sales: $3 million
Consortia: Cruise Shoppes
GDS: Amadeus
Commission: Up to 90 percent
Fees: Annual fee $299; technology fee $49 per month
Sales Niche: Cruises, vacation packages
Marketing: Includes customized emails, quarterly four-color retail mailers, weekly members and consumer newsletters, consumer leads, website replication and email tools.
Technology: Offers customizable website with complete booking engines.
Training: Provides monthly web training, sales and marketing training modules conducted by industry consultants, and annual training conference.
Insurance: E&O insurance umbrella policy of $1 million

Unbridled Travel
Address: 1001 16th Street, Suite A-150, Denver, Colo. 80265
Tel.: 303-534-1292, 800-747-1292
Independent Contractors: 25
Sales: $15 million
Consortia: Signature Travel Network, TravelSavers, Jurni Network
Associations: ASTA, CLIA, OSSN
GDS: Sabre, Apollo
Commission: Standard is 80 percent, but some are 90 percent.
Fees: None. Agency offers free desk space and leads. Independent agents pay only overnight and mail delivery charges.
Sales Niches: Mexico, religious travel
Marketing: Co-op ads in variety of print, online media and radio; some TV
Technology: Offers online booking engines for independent agents as well as collateral material. Help desk during normal business hours.
Training: A full-time trainer and agent consultant is assigned to each independent. They are required to help the independent agent get acclimated to Unbridled and help grow his or her current business.
Insurance: E&O insurance provided by Berkely Group

Address: 18662 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 100, Irvine, Calif. 92612
Tel.: 949-623-9080, 800-863-1606 ext. 9070
Independent Contractors: 300-plus
Sales: $60 million
GDS: Amadeus, Apollo, Sabre
Commission: 80-100 percent
Fees: Vary per program.
Marketing: The Uniglobe InHouse program for experienced travel professionals focuses on corporate travel, plus a host of leisure and corporate marketing tools; the ProCentral program, also for experienced travel professionals, focuses on leisure travel (for FIT and groups) and marketing tools. Both programs offer higher commission levels, marketing tools and assistance, and a high standard of quality customer support.
Training: Offers initial orientation and ongoing support as needed

Vacation Connection/SEACruises
Address: 20224 State Rd., Cerritos, Calif. 90703
Tel.: 562-207-9030, 800-300-1007
Independent Contractors: 20
Sales: $10 million
Consortia: Signature Travel Network
GDS: Apollo, Sabre
Commission: Negotiable
Fees: $50 per year insurance/marketing fee
Sales Niches: Group cruises, upscale travel
Marketing: Agents get own website, customized catalog and postcard mailings, sophisticated e-marketing program, participation in travel shows and Signature Travel Network marketing programs.
Technology: CB Plus, group web design, Unique Access database for group management
Training: Ongoing training programs through Signature Travel Network
Insurance: $1 million E&O coverage

Vacation Consultants of America
Address: Franklin Street, Westport, Conn. 06880
Tel.: 866-698-2220
Independent Contractors: 100-plus
GDS: Apollo, Sabre, Amadeus, TRAMS
Commission: VCA provides customized programs that are designed exclusively for each independent agent based on his or her individual business needs, with commissions ranging from 80 to 100 percent.
Sales Niche: Cruises, vacation packages
Marketing: Offers unlimited marketing support, including email marketing, personalized mailers, postcards, promotional materials and cooperative funding to qualified agents.
Technology: Agents can choose to have their own client-base software, in addition to their own private-label website, booking engine and an exclusive agent-only informational site.
Training: VCA provides an intensive training program, along with assisting agents in obtaining CLIA and IATAN certifications. VCA's exclusive agent-only site offers an extensive amount of industry information.
Insurance: E&O policy up to $1 million

VacationTime Travel
Address: 4926 Stoneybrook Blvd., Hilliard, Ohio 43026
Tel.: 614-771-7775
Independent Contractors: 20
Consortia: NEST
Associations: CLIA, ASTA, IATAN
Commission: Tiered
Sales Niche: Cruises, land packages
Marketing: Ongoing communications, monthly meetings, etc.
Training: Agency and vendor meetings, fams, etc.

World Travel Management
Address: 168 Lake Terrace Dr., Munroe Falls, Ohio 44262
Tel.: 330-689-1920, 866-257-8273
Independent Contractors: 40
Sales: $3 million-$5 million
Associations: ARC, IATA, NACTA, OSSN, CLIA
GDS: Galileo/Apollo
Commission: 75-90 percent
Fees: One low all-inclusive monthly fee that is either reduced or waived with earned commissions. The maximum that anyone pays is $50 per month, and many agents pay much less or nothing at all. This covers everything, except overnight services. Documents are routinely sent priority mail at the agency's expense.
Sales Niche: Corporate, cruises, tours, all-inclusives
Marketing: Includes ClientBase, booked cruise space, WebEx training, free web content for agents' individual websites, Engagement program.
Technology: Full-time technology person is always available.
Training: Offers WebEx monthly with suppliers and on an individual basis; one-on-one phone support as requested; Galileo e-training.
Insurance: Agency recommends that each IC obtains their own policy, though there is an option for the agent to umbrella under the host agency E&O contract.


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